werdeteildesgesamtwiderstandes is a very simple analog synthesizer based on a resistor-capacitor pair as feedback loop to an inverter ic. werde teil des gesamtwiderstandes is an instruction that means become part of the integral resistance.
when you touch both metal-ends of the the wooden stick you become part of the integral resistance and your own resistance determines the pitch of the sound the synthesizer produces. when two persons touch each one end of werdeteildesgesamtwiderstandes they can close the circuit by touching each other and of course more people can join in, turning their own bodies into musical instruments.
the product is the result of a cooperation between christian faubel and cordula k├Ârber of derstrudel and ralf schreiber. it was developed from instructions sets for children as part of a workshop-performance during the clubtransmediale festival in berlin. the idea was to transform this instruction werdeteildesgesamtwiderstandes into a minimal product, that makes this instruction tangible.